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Getting to know the Minor League Ball staff: Matt Garrioch

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You saw Jessica Quiroli's introductory post yesterday. I asked our other Minor League Ball staff members for some background information about likes and dislikes as part of our plans for 2014. Lee Warren is still in the hospital and has other things on his mind right now, but Matt Garrioch and Nick Melotte weighed in. Here's Matt's response. Nick will follow shortly.

Get to know Matt Garrioch:

I was born in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota and now live in New Ulm, Minnesota. I've worked in many communities in southern and central Minnesota, so it's impossible not to call the Twins my favorite team. I have always enjoyed watching Cubs games on WGN, especially when I was younger, so I have some attachment there as well. I liked the A's and Astros as I was growing up as well but I am more of a fan of the game as a whole now.

I enjoy all the different aspects of the game from the business and financial side to the human element, developing players. I've used baseball and the things I've learned from studying it to improve my life as a whole. It's amazing how many lessons you can learn from scenarios in baseball.

Musically, I like heavier rock but like a variety. Sevendust, Megadeth and Avenged Sevenfold are probably my favorite bands. I like talent whether it is Christina Aguilera's voice, Eminem's lyrical mastery, John Mayer's skill with the guitar or Bob Dylan's ability to tell a story. I enjoy listening to a lot of different types of music but the majority of my listening time these days is spent listening to podcasts and recently audiobooks. I just listened to Dollar Sign on the Muscle. It was interesting.

When I first started blogging, I did it at a blogger site that is now MLB Prospect Guide.( I post my prospect rankings, random research projects and general thoughts. It is usually pretty desolate their form July-November due to my work schedule but I enjoy posting there. I'm also on twitter a lot. I don't tweet overly frequently but I love reading posts. If you ever have a question for me, I'm @mattgarrioch( there.