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Minor League Ball Daily Discussion, December 20

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Dr. Leonard McCoy
Dr. Leonard McCoy
Star Fleet Surgeon General's Office

Good afternoon everyone. Perhaps I should start a medical blog; Jeri is now sick with a fever of 102-103 and I'm not far behind at 100 and climbing. The kids are unaffected thus far and it really needs to stay that way. Little has been done today work-wise. The Giants remain in progress.

Then of course there are the technical difficulties that have been plaguing SB Nation/Vox Media sites all day. I'm told that the tech team is working as rapidly as possible to resolve the problems. They greatly appreciate your patience! (UPDATE 4:43 PM, SB Nation Support reports that the network is stable again but they will monitor the situation closely. Report any problems to support@sbnation.)

But wait! There's more! Our own Lee Warren is down with something worse than the flu and website problems: he has landed in the hospital with a leg infection and could be there a couple of days. I'm sure Lee would appreciate your warm thoughts and prayers, so get them out there. His Facebook is here. His Twitter is here.

Get well Lee!


***The Orioles apparently weren't happy with Grant Balfour's medical reports and the tentative deal reached to sign the free agent pitcher has been cancelled. As Rob Neyer points out, this also explains why the Athletics let Balfour go in the first place.

***Josh Duggan asks: does recent evidence show that Royals GM Dayton Moore is learning on the job? Answer! Well, read the article but the evidence can be interpreted to support that contention.

***Remember Kyle Skipworth, former first round pick? The guy who was compared to Joe Mauer in high school? The Marlins moved one step closer to surrender this week, designating him for assignment then finally outrighting him to Triple-A. That tends to happen to guys with career minor league lines of .215/.277/.380.

On the other hand, he's still just 23 years old, isn't bad with the glove, and can hit homers on the rare occasions when he makes contact. The chance that he can do anything useful in the majors is extremely remote, but is it truly zero? I'm not sure. But I'm feverish, so you can just ignore that.