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Minor League Ball Daily Discussion, December 19, 2013

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Mike Mussina
Mike Mussina
Nick Laham

Good evening prospect watchers. I apologize for the late discussion thread. I spent most of the day at the doctor's office again. My brain is still just fine, but this time my right thumb is injured and painful. Nothing major but it slows down typing.

On to business:

***I am working on the San Francisco Giants Top 20 prospects list.

***We have a new staff member who will be joining us here at Minor League Ball: Jessica Quiroli. Much as Lee Warren provides first-hand observation, interviews, and stories from the Pacific Coast League, Jessica will be here with observations and articles about minor league baseball up and down the East coast. Matt Garrioch is still here to provide 2014 MLB draft material of course, and Nick Melotte will continue his invaluable updates. Jessica will be stopping by soon to say hello, so everyone get out the welcome mats. You can find Jessica's website here.

You should also follow her on Twitter here

***Did anyone at Microsoft bother to actually test Windows 8? I have been extremely patient with trying to learn it over the last four months since my old computer died, but I give up. I hate it. It sucks. It slows me down and requires more mouse clicks for me to do what I need to do every day.

***Mike Mussina for the Hall of Fame? Jen Mac Ramos lays out the case at Beyond the Boxscore.

It is a slam-dunk case or me; Mussina deserves to be there. His 82.5 fWAR ranks 19th all time, with Pedro Martinez (86.8), Don Sutton (85.8), and Warren Spahn (80.9) his immediate neighbors. His Sim Score list includes Juan Marichal, David Wells, Curt Schilling, Jim Palmer, Carl Hubbell, Kevin Brown, and Jack Morris.

Hmm. Curt Schilling. What about Schilling for the Hall of Fame? His WAR is actually a nick higher than Mussina at 83.5. Rob Neyer looked at this yesterday.

So, would you vote for Mike Mussina and/or Curt Schilling for the Hall of Fame?