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You're the Farm Director! How do you fix the Yankees farm system?

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Slade Heathcott
Slade Heathcott
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

You woke up today and discovered that you are now in charge of the New York Yankees farm system. After making an appointment with your psychiatrist to update your xanax prescription, you come across today's article from John Manuel at Baseball America, describing the current problems in the organization.

Manuel points out some success with pitchers but notes the lack of hitting prospects as a particular problem. So how do you solve this?

A) What's your approach in the upcoming draft? Hitting? Pitching? A balance? College guys? High schoolers? Don't just say "best player available."

B) What type of international players will you look for? Would you rather spend big bucks on a few guys, or spread the bonuses out?

C) You're the Yankees, so money for signing players and farm operations shouldn't be a problem. Would you think about spending beyond the draft and international bonus pools and just eat the extra penalties for going over?

D) The trio of outfield prospects that got such attention last winter, Mason Williams, Slade Heathcott, and Tyler Austin, all scuffled. Do you have particular hope for them to rebound?

Your goal is to have John Manuel write a very different article three years from now, about how the Yankees farm system has been rebuilt. Have at it.