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2013 MLB Rule 5 Draft, Minor League Phase

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Picks in the minor league phase of the 2013 MLB draft.

Kevin Mattison
Kevin Mattison
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Players selected in the minor league phase of the Rule 5 draft do not have to be returned to their original club.

Triple-A Phase

Astros: Ravel Santana, OF, Yankees
Marlins: Justin Bour, 1B, Cubs
White Sox: Evan Crawford, LHP, Blue Jays
Cubs: Charles Cutler, C, Pirates
Twins: Kevin Thomas, RHP, Cardinals
Blue Jays: Roberto Espinosa, RHP, Pirates
Mets: Jonathan Velasquez, RHP, Twins
Brewers: Kevin Mattison, OF, Marlins
Padres: Jacob Lemmerman, INF, Cardinals
Angels: Jose Valdivia, RHP, Mariners
Diamondbacks: Michael Lee, RHP, Braves
Orioles: Julio Borbon, OF, Cubs
Nationals: Theodis Bowe, OF, Reds
Reds: Michael O'Brien, RHP, Yankees
Rangers: Russel Wilson, INF, Rockies
Rays: Enderson Franco, RHP, Astros
Pirates: Tyler Sample, RHP, Royals
Athletics: Tim Atherton, RHP, Twins
ed Sox: Jonathan Roof, SS, Phillies
Cardinals: Greg Miclat, SS, Rangers
Astros: Carlos Vazquez, LHP, Mets
Marlins: Brady Shoemaker, OF, White Sox
White Sox: Oscar Narvaez, C, Rays
Twins: James Fuller, LHP, Mets
Blue Jays: Richard Bleier, RHP, Rangers
Brewers: Vince Catricala, 3B, Athletics
Padres: Adolfo Reina, C, Tigers
Diamondbacks: Hector Hernandez, LHP, Cardinals
Nationals: Martires Arias, RHP, Mets
Pirates: A.J. Morris, RHP, Cubs
Cardinals: Jesus Ustariz, 3B, Tigers
Marlins: Tony Thompson, 3B, Athletics
Blue Jays: Scott Shuman, RHP, Giants
Pirates: Felipe Gonzalez, RHP, Yankees

Double-A Phase

Astros: Blaine Sims, LHP, Braves
Marlins: Kelvin Castro, RHP, Yankees