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2013 MLB Rule 5 Draft: Live

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Follow the 2013 Major League Baseball Rule 5 draft here at Minor League Ball, pick by pick.

We will cover each 2013 Major League Baseball Rule 5 pick right here, as they happen.

UPDATE: Here are scouting reports for each player at this link.

1) Houston Astros: Patrick Schuster, LHP, Diamondbacks (will be traded to Padres)
2) Chicago White Sox: Adrian Nieto, C, Nationals
3) Philadelphia Phillies Kevin Munson, RHP, Diamondbacks
4) Colorado Rockies: Thomas Kahnle, RHP, Yankees
5) Toronto Blue Jays Brian Moran, LHP, Mariners
6) New York Mets Seth Rosin, RHP, Phillies
7) Milwaukee Brewers Wei-Chung Wang, LHP, Pirates
8) San Diego Padres Passed
9) San Francisco Giants Passed
10) Los Angeles Angels Passed
11) Arizona Diamondbacks Marcos Mateo, RHP, Cubs
12) Baltimore Orioles Michael Almanzar, 3B, Red Sox
13) Kansas City Royals Passed
14) Cincinnati Reds Passed
15) Cleveland Indians Passed
16) Los Angeles Dodgers Passed
17) Oakland Athletics Passed
18) Atlanta Braves Passed
19) St. Louis Cardinals Passed

Round Two

Houston Astros Passed
Chicago White Sox Passed
Chicago Cubs Passed
Colorado Rockies Passed
New York Mets Passed
Arizona Diamondbacks Passed
Baltimore Orioles Passed