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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Nick Gordon, SS, Windermere, FL High School

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Gordon is the best middle infielder in the 2014 draft. He will stick up the middle and his bat is strong enough to be an asset.

NIck Gordon taking grounders
NIck Gordon taking grounders
Matt Garrioch

Nicholas (Nick) Gordon (01-05-06-2013) PG World Showcase (Ft. Myers, Fla.) (via DiamondScapeBaseball)

Gordon is 6'1", 165 LBS. He is a lean, small player with skinny legs but strength in his tightly wound muscular frame. He does project to get bigger and stronger, something I couldn't say about his older brother, Dee. Nick has very good speed, excellent actions at short and a huge arm. Gordon may be the best defensive middle infielder in the 2014 draft. On the mound, he has a fastball that can touch 94 and a breaking ball that is written in his genetic code from his pops (Flash Gordon) but he is no pitcher. He will be an everyday player no matter how good the stuff on the mound is.

Gordon has the bat of a middle infielder. He doesn't have big power but that's not his game. He strikes the ball with quick wrists. He has a whippy bat that will allow him to accumulate extra base hits by launching balls gap to gap. He should hit a lot of triples with his speed and be an exciting player at the plate. He has a high leg kick but for the most part he has a quiet load and swing.

Gordon is simple and complicated at the same time, if that's possible. The simplicity is his tools and current ability. He has more physical skills than his brother who has already proved he is a major leaguer. He will be a big leaguer barring injury depleting his talent. The question is how good he will be. He could be a very good defender at short with reps and work but there is a possibility that he isn't able to have the range and quickness necessary to be a top notch MLB defender.

At worst, Gordon will be a solid utility infielder. A very cautious prognostication would be slating him as a starting 2B or CF in the bigs but I feel he should be a capable starting short stop with a good enough bat to be a first division player with the possibility of more. With his potential and the general dearth of middle infield talent lately should cement him in the top half of the first round with potential to be a top 10 pick. I see minimal chance he makes it past the middle of the second round, so the chance that he attends Florida State is very unlikely.