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Minor League Ball Daily Discussion: Five things about you

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Here's an open discussion thread for you. You can talk about anything you want here, but we have a lot of new community members who have joined lately so I want to do something (hopefully) interesting to welcome them.

Let's take some time and get to know more about your fellow Minor League Ball Community members. Here are five questions to answer.

1) When did you realize you were a baseball fan?
2) Have you ever considered dropping interest in baseball?
3) What album or complete piece of music did you most recently listen to? By this i mean listen to the entire album in one sitting, not just individual songs?
4) Athena or Cassiopia? (you probably have to be at least 35 to understand the question)
5) What is the most recent non-baseball book you have read?

Here are my personal answers
1) Age 8.
2) I lost interest for awhile in college but obviously came back to it.
3) Live Through This by Hole
4) Hmmm. Well Athena was hotter but Cassiopia had a better personality and a more interesting background. Hard to say. Seems like a no-lose question to me.
5) Mutants and Mystics by Jeffry Kripal.