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Concussion Chronicle: Almost there...

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Almost there....almost there...

Just hold them off for a few seconds
Just hold them off for a few seconds
Alliance to Restore the Republic

I haven't wanted to count my chickens before they hatch, but things are definitely looking up on the concussion front.

I am in much better shape than I was a week ago. I have been almost completely pain-free for four days. Most importantly, all memory, cognitive, and analytical functions are back on line. The only remaining symptoms are a tendency to tire more easily than normal, and a mild pressure-like feeling in my head during the evening.

Words cannot really express how glad I am that this experience is passing.

So, what now?

I have a LOT of catching up to do. I am told by the doctor that I should continue taking things easy until the symptoms are completely gone for a week, so I'll hold off on the 12-hour work days until after Thanksgiving. But I can do a normal work day now, which is a giant improvement.

The next large project on the agenda is the Atlanta Braves Top 20 Prospect List for 2014, which I hope to complete before Thanksgiving. Assuming no further setbacks, I'll wind up the Concussion Chronicle with one final summary article by next weekend.

Once I get a better idea at what kind of work pace I can sustain, I'll give you an updated ETA on the Baseball Prospect Book.

I want to thank everyone for all the encouragement and support during this ordeal, particularly my colleagues at SB Nation/Vox Media, and most especially my wife and my family.

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