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The Jurickson Profar/Nick Castellanos trade

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I think there were some other big names involved too

Jim McIsaac

I was disconnected from the world last evening, but woke up this morning to find that there was a big trade late yesterday. As you know, the Detroit Tigers traded first baseman Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers in exchange for second baseman Ian Kinsler.

From the prospect point of view, the importance here is that the trade opens up playing time for Jurickson Profar and Nick Castellanos. They weren't traded for each other, directly, but the transaction opens up at-bats for both players that they might not otherwise have received in 2014, Profar taking over for Kinsler and Castellanos (it is assumed) at third base in Detroit, with Miguel Cabrera moving over to first.

Profar was used as a super utility guy last year by Ron Washington. I think he'll thrive defensively at second base, and the bat will steadily improve. Castellanos was used as an outfielder last year but began his career as a third baseman. Although not a spectacular gloveman, he had made considerable progress at the hot corner before shifting to the outfield and won't be a liability with the glove. Scouts have always liked his bat and he should hit for power and average down the line. You can read a full report about Castellanos here.

Another way to look at this: let's say that Profar had began his career with Detroit and Castellanos had been with the Rangers. That would make the trade Kinsler/Castellanos for Fielder/Profar. Who wins that package?

Personally I'd rather have Fielder and Profar, but what do you guys think? Discuss!

UPDATE: Someone emailed me to point out that I didn't mention the money that this frees up for the Tigers. That's a good point. Does that change the equation?