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Concussion Chronicle: The band is playing different tunes

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Progress report on concussion recovery

Status report on my concussion:

The last 72 hours have been pretty strange but positive overall. The insomnia seems to have eased up, although for other reasons I haven't gotten as much sleep as needed. I think that will change tonight.

Pain has lessened greatly, still there at times but nothing worse than a 4. The sensation of pressure in my head was quite strong Monday and Tuesday, especially when I would concentrate intellectually, but hasn't bothered me this morning.

While tired Monday evening I had some problems finding words, but that wasn't an issue yesterday or today so far.

On the other hand, I am having trouble typing. That could be lack of practice. My left hand is a bit shaky but that may be due to a medication adjustment over the weekend.

Mood swings are probably the most noticeable thing the last few days. I've been very low and negative at times, but also very high and almost manic. This may also be due to the medication adjustment and I expect that will settle down as well. I visited the doctor this morning and they seemed to think I am making steady progress. He says I can consult with the neurologist again for more MRI views if I feel the need, but he doesn't think that is necessary yet given the signs of progress. I also want to see how the medicine shift works before running up the neurology tab..

Intellectually I feel pretty good. Short-term memory was terrible Monday but normal yesterday and today. Apollo and Neil Young obsessions are easing off. I have been able to read without trouble the last 24 hours and absorb the information, a good thing given that I have a lot of catching up to do.

Overall, it's improving. I am wary of pushing too fast given that the symptoms have rebounded quickly when I've tried to jump right back into normal work patterns too soon. However, there is one key change: today I am excited about getting back to work. Previously, I felt anxious and stressed about setbacks and being behind. Today it feels more like a challenge that I am looking forward to. That's a big shift.

Anyway, my rehab assignment: catch up on my email backlog and my baseball reading, and write an article about Tim Hudson tomorrow. If that goes well and I don't have further setbacks, I will dip my toes back into the 2014 Baseball Prospect Book on Friday and start getting the prospect lists back in gear. I will not rush and will continue to mix in lots of rest, but overall I'm a lot happier about where I am now than where I was four days ago.

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