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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Alex Jackson, C/RF, Escondido, CA High School

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Jackson has the tools to be a power bat but his future position is a question mark. No matter where he plays, his bat will work.

Alex Jackson at the Perfect Game All-American Classic
Alex Jackson at the Perfect Game All-American Classic
Steve Fiorindo

Alex Jackson Prospect Video, Rancho Bernardo High School (via Steve Fiorindo)

Jackson is 6'2", 215 LBS and an intimidating presence at the batters box. He is currently a catcher but I see him as a RF. He is physically mature but will likely continue to grow. I could see him filling out to 240 LBS+ where catching could be difficult and harder on his body than it needs to be. Athletically, he can handle RF and while not having great range, his arm would be a huge asset. He has a short arm action and a really fast release. His actions behind the dish aren't great but with work could be usable at the big league level. That's why moving him off catcher will be difficult decision but I think it would be for the best for him in the long run. I could even see him getting a shot at 3B though I haven't seen him enough to know if he has the first step quickness to make that work.

Jackson has some of the best raw power in this draft. I could see him hitting 30 HR's or better at the big league level. He has some mechanical issues and a lot movement prior to his swing. He will need to quiet that down and work on a different timing mechanism to succeed at the highest level but he should be able to do it without any problems. I don't see him as a high average hitter, more like a .260-.270 guy in the long run but I wouldn't be totally shocked if he exceeds that becoming a 60 or better hitter.

Jackson's ultimate value will be decided by which defensive position he plays but in the end, the bat projects to play any position if he improves his hit tool. The hit tool is the biggest question with the largest range of meaningful outcomes.He could hit .280-30-100 in the middle of the order for a contending team if everything works out. He could end up being a guy who swings and misses too much and never makes a true impact. He is one of the top position prospects in this class and there are only a handful of high impact bats this year. I don't see him getting out of the top 10 come June.