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The third time it is enemy action

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"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it is enemy action."---Auric Goldfinger

Auric Goldfinger
Auric Goldfinger

So as I wrote yesterday, things were looking up after a weekend of silence, sleep, and recuperation. I did some writing yesterday without negative effects,and was looking forward to getting everything up to speed around here...wisely, slowly, without pushing my brain too hard, but a steady return to normalcy.

Then I got a call from my wife: she had been in a four-car accident. Some kid hit her from behind at a stoplight, triggering a chain reaction with my wife and the two vehicles ahead of her.

She was not seriously hurt and even the van was still driveable, but taking no chances I ran her to the Emergency Room anyway. Today she is sore, bruised, and in a great deal of discomfort, but we are VERY thankful that the damage was not more severe, and that none of the other people in the wreck were badly hurt.

Jeri, bless her heart, was actually more worried about me, how my brain would handle the stress.

I was fine until the adrenaline wore off. My weird head feeling came back late last night and after a poor night of sleep, I woke up with total brain fog this morning, feeling just as bad as I did before I disappeared last week. I took the kids to school, but Jeri ordered me to bed for the day. I fell back asleep and woke up a little while ago.

I feel better now. The brain fog has receded and I've been able to write this without trouble, although I'm not quite as "clear" as I was yesterday. I will continue to go slowly with my recovery.

Ultimately, we are VERY thankful that Jeri was not more seriously injured. The last six weeks has been weird enough around here. There was my concussion. Then something or someone seriously injured our dog in the backyard and we had to put him to sleep. Then my son was struck in the eye by something and had a corneal abrasion. Now Jeri was in a car wreck.

Except for the dog, none of these things were permanent. But....well, we do feel a bit like Mr. Goldfinger today around here, wondering why these things keep happening, even while we also have the knowledge that most of this stuff could have had far worse outcomes.

We've been through a lot. But we are still here, we will move forward, and overall, we really DO feel quite blessed by the friends and family who have seen us through. And that includes you, the Minor League Ball community. Stay patient, guys. Everything will be OK.