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Minor League Ball Gameday, October 9: NLDS Edition

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The Pirates and Cardinals battle in Game Five of the National League Division Series.

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon baseball fans. Game Five of the 2013 National League Division Series gets underway this evening. The Pirates will turn to rookie Gerrit Cole instead of veteran A.J. Burnett, while the Cardinals turn their entire season over to veteran Adam Wainwright.

Yesterday I predicted that the Red Sox would defeat the Rays 5-0 and that the Athletics would beat the Tigers 7-5. In reality, the Red Sox won 3-1 and the Tigers were victorious 8-6. This brings my post-season prediction record to 13-6.

This is a toughie to predict. Emotionally I am rooting for the Pirates, and Cole has been awful good. But the game is in St. Louis, and Wainwright has plenty of experience and an enviable post-season track record. Do I go with logic or emotions?  I'll make the emotional call and say that the Pirates eek out a 3-2 victory in a tight pitching duel, with both starters giving up one run in seven innings of work before the Bucs scratch a couple of runs late, picking up some cheap hits on the Cardinals pen.

What say you?