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An update on my concussion

A few people have inquired about how my concussion recovery is going. The answer is that I'm still feeling rather "undervolted". . .I had a dream about Apollo 13 last night so I'll use that as a metaphor.

The good news:
***Loud noises no longer bother me.
***I do not have a constant migraine.
***If I do nothing, I feel OK. This was not true 10 days ago when I felt lousy all the time.

The bad news:
***Bright lights still hurt my eyes. I cannot be outside in sunlight for more than a few minutes.
***I still have a feeling of "pressure" in my head about 30% of the time. This is better than 80% of the time, which is where it was a week ago, but still annoying.
***Any mental activity requiring more than 10 minutes of concentration causes a serious non-migraine headache that is a bit difficult to describe. It goes away after I stop whatever the activity is but comes right back if I try to resume.
***I'm still more emotional than normal.
***I have a pile of deadline work to do that is not getting smaller.
***The injury was more than two weeks ago and I am really fucking sick of this.

I know the best thing is to do nothing but lie around, but even with cutting work out of the equation, there are still household and child-rearing things that for unavoidable practical reasons cannot be left only to my wife to handle.

So anyway, the bottom line is that I am better than I was a week ago, but I am still on the disabled list.

We'll get the stack home, but I need more of your patience.