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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Braxton Davidson, 1B/OF, Arden, NC High School

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Davidson has the bat to be a future middle of the order hitter and has enough skills to be an impact player across the board.

Braxton Davidson at 2013 WWBA by Perfect Game
Braxton Davidson at 2013 WWBA by Perfect Game

Braxton Davidson - 2013 WWBA World Championship (via PerfectGameBaseball)

As 6'3", 215, Davidson has the physique of a middle of the order bat. He will slow down as he fills out and he will likely move to 1B down the line but he could be an asset in right field early in his career as he possesses a strong arm. He has broad shoulders and a strong lower half that he uses well at the plate.

At the plate is where Davidson shines. His raw power is not the best in this draft class but his usable power is. Of all the players in this class that can put a charge into the ball, Davidson does it the most consistently and with the most ease. That's saying something. There are probably 10 guys with plus power projection or better in this draft. His hit tool allows for this. It could easily be plus and we are talking about a guy I wouldn't be scared to say will hit .300 in the majors.

He has great feel for the strike zone and a professional approach to hitting. He goes the other way with ease and turns on pitches and launches them adeptly. He is a safe prep bat, as rare as that is.  He is a smart player, knows the game and has all the skills to be an impact bat. His speed and defense will never be large assets but will never be hindrances either.

The potential to find a middle of the order impact bat is rare. Davidson fits that mold and should likely be a top half of the first round pick.