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Minor League Ball Gameday, October 2: AL Wild Card

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In which the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cleveland Indians battle for the right to not play another one-shot winner-take-all game.

Alex Cobb
Alex Cobb
Jim Rogash

Good afternoon prospect watchers. Tonight's post-season action features Tampa vs. Cleveland, with Rays starter Alex Cobb taking on Indians rookie sensation Danny Salazar.

For tonight's prediction, I will say that the Indians will beat the Rays by a 4-2 score. A three-run home run by Jason Kipnis off of Cobb will be the key blow for Cleveland. My first two predictions went pretty well: I said that the Pirates would beat the Reds 6-3 and the result was a 6-2 win. The day before I predicted that the Rays would beat the Rangers 5-3 and the real-life score was 5-2. Not bad! I'll probably be way off tonight.

What say you? Who will win this game and who will be the big star?