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2014 MLB Draft: Atlantic Region-High School Discussion

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This year, the prep class in the Atlantic region has some big talent at the top but drops off fairly quickly.

Ryder Ryan
Ryder Ryan
Matt Garrioch, Vox Media

This is just to get the discussion going on this region. Some of you guys know this area better than me. Let me know if I'm missing anyone that you guys like in the first 10 rounds plus or minus.

The Atlantic Region consists of Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C.

Grant Holmes, who some might know as former Gamecocks pitcher Colby Holmes' younger brother, but Grant is a much better prospect. With a power arm, power slider and flashing a change, he could have all the tools to be a top of the rotation starter. He's a stud.

I'm not 100% sure but I heard Jacob Bukauskas was available for the 2014 draft now. If so, he's a name to know. He was a 2015 guy but I heard he reclassified. He has low 90's stuff and is a North Carolina commit.

Joe Gatto is a personal favorite but I seem to be pulling the bandwagon on him as most are luke warm on him. I don't know that he's an ace but he has a lot going for him. Jeff Harding from Maryland reminds me of Marcus Stroman in his delivery, low 90's fastball and hard breaking ball.

On the offensive side, the best bats are outfielder Braxton Davidson, who may well be the best prep hitter in the country. He has the most usable power and a great hit tool. I'll drool over him more later in a draft profile. Well, most of these guys will get profiles but he will be high on the list.

Michael Chavis can flat out rake. He has lightning fast wrists and huge power potential. He joins a long list of recent studs to commit to Clemson. I'll put this on record because I want my thoughts to be out there, right or wrong, but I'd take him over Michael Gettys right now, and Gettys will be in the conversation for the top prep hitter taken.

After that, there is a pretty good drop off. Ryder Ryan may be the next best hitter. He's a little slow for a 3B and I'm not sure he has the bat to work at 1B. The power is there but the timing didn't seem to sync up when I saw him. He has a very good arm and works in the upper 80's with a solid breaking ball, so he could be an excellent two way player if he makes it to North Carolina. That's also not far off on the description of fellow N.C. commit Hunter Williams. I prefer Williams bat but he's a lock at first base, while Ryan could work to stick at 3B. Williams is also a very good left handed pitcher while Ryan is a righty. They could be a dangerous duo if both make it to campus. In this class, it is possible both would slide enough for that to happen.

Josh Ockimey is a project. He has some issues at the plate. He has some bad habits but this kid has a load of potential with the bat. He's likely locked in at 1B but the bat should work there. He is a guy that I could see really taking off in college if he makes it there but I'd love to talk to him about his number and see where I could get him in the draft if I were running a draft room.

There are a handful of other prep guys I like. Charlie Cody is a gamer, Kevin Bryant can really square up the ball. I have a good feeling about Hansen Butler. Dalton Ewing, Jack Gerstenmaier, Tommy Doyle and DJ Burt all have abilities that I really like as well.