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Minor League Ball Gameday, Oct 18: NLCS Game Six

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The Cardinals and Dodgers battle in Game Six of the NLCS.

Dilip Vishwanat

Good evening baseball fans. The Cardinals and Dodgers battle in Game Six of the National League Championship Series tonight.

Yesterday I predicted that the Tigers would beat the Red Sox 6-1, but this was wrong, the actual result as you know was 4-3 in favor of Boston. This makes my post-season prediction record 18-13.

For today, I predict that the Cardinals will beat the Dodgers 3-2 to win the NLCS. What say you?


***I am putting major work items on hold for a few days, including the third round analysis and all work on prospect lists and the 2014 book.

Ten days ago, my son dropped a metal wall sculpture three feet onto my head, causing a concussion. Although a CAT scan showed no serious damage, I have been battling concussion symptoms ever since including migraine-like headaches, visual distortions, and problems concentrating. My doctor told me to rest my brain and to treat it like any bruised muscle, but of course I ignored his advice and worked normally this week. Lo-and-behold, my doctor knew what he was talking about: I am having serious rebound symptoms today.

As a result, I will now follow orders and avoid using my brain for a couple of days. We will still have normal weekend operations around here including more 2014 MLB Draft material from Matt and the daily Arizona Fall League discussions lead by Nick, but I need to put my own projects on hold for a bit and get my brain back in shape. I appreciate your patience everyone!