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Minor League Ball Gameday, October 13, ALCS Game Two

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Game Two of the American League Championship Series moves forward between the Tigers and Red Sox

Clay Buchholz
Clay Buchholz
Jared Wickerham

Good afternoon baseball fans. Game Two of the American League Championship Series begins tonight at 815 EDT, with Max Scherzer and the Detroit Tigers taking on Clay Buchholz and the Boston Red Sox.

For this game, I will predict that the Red Sox will win by a 3-2 score in another hard-fought pitcher's duel. Nobody will hit a home run in tonight's contest.

Yesterday I predicted that the Dodgers would defeat the Cardinals 4-1 and that the Red Sox would beat the Tigers 6-3. None of that happened; as you know, instead we had a pair of 1-0 games with the Cardinals and the Tigers coming out on top. This was a bad day for my predictive powers, the two losses bringing my post-season record to 14-10. So for tonight, and for purely selfish reasons, Go Red Sox!

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