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Minor League Ball Gameday, October 10: ALDS Edition

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The Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics battle in Game Five of the 2013 American League Division Series.

Sonny Gray
Sonny Gray
Thearon W. Henderson

Good afternoon baseball fans. Tonight is Game Five of the American League Division Series, with Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers taking on rookie Sonny Gray and the Oakland Athletics.

Yesterday I emotionally predicted that the Pirates would beat the Cardinals 3-2, but the real-life result was a 6-1 St. Louis win, dropping my post-season prediction record to 13-7. We face another veteran vs. rookie dilemma today, although in this case the rookie has home field advantage at least.

Ultimately I think I have to go with Verlander here. Gray will pitch well, but not quite well enough. Detroit will win this 4-2. What say you?

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