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Minor League Ball Gameday: October 1, NL Wild Card Day

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In which the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates lay everything on the line in one game.

Francisco Liriano
Francisco Liriano
Joe Sargent

Good afternoon prospect watchers. Here is your daily post-season discussion thread, the big game tonight being the contest between the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates. We have a match-up of veterans tonight, the Reds sending Johnny Cueto to the mound against Francisco Liriano.

What are your predictions for this game?

Although I don't mind the Reds, I am rooting for the Pirates in the post-season and will predict a victory tonight, with the Bucs winning by a 6-3 score. Liriano will do his best 2006 impersonation tonight, allowing one run in seven innings, giving up one walk with nine strikeouts. Justin Morneau and Pedro Alvarez will hit home runs.

What say you?

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