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Milwaukee Brewers Organization Discussion

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Ron Roenicke and his lineup card
Ron Roenicke and his lineup card
Christian Petersen

I am now working on the Seattle Mariners Prospect List. The next team in line is the Milwaukee Brewers, to be followed by the Boston Red Sox, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels, Colorado Rockies, and Cincinnati Reds. Then I'm going to have some vodka and take a week-long nap.

Use this thread to discuss the future of the Brewers organization.. Some possible points of discussion to consider (although you are certainly not limited to just these points, discuss whatever you want).

****The organization is still feeling the effects of the 2011 playoff run. The 2012 team won 83 games. What, if anything, can be done to make the team more competitive for 2013? Which players on the current major league roster would you make a long-term commitment to? As usual with such questions, what do you perceive as the strengths and weaknesses?

****Pitching was a focus on the 2011 draft (though the early results are mixed) and hitting was the emphasis in 2012. What would you be looking for in 2013? For purposes of this exercise, you can't say "best player available." You have to be more specific...high school? College? Hitting? Pitching? Upside? Safety? Risk? What is your balance?

****As always, sleepers are a good topic. Khris Davis has injury problems and is an older prospect at age 25, but he usually mashes. Michael Fiers was excellent. Any others like that around?