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Ice Storm Delays 2013 Baseball Prospect Book

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Snow Miser
Snow Miser

We just received a phone call from the book printing company, informing us that the ice storm that hit the Midwest earlier this week knocked out power to their book-binding subcontractor for three days. Power has been restored to the binding plant, but as a result of the weather, the 2013 Baseball Prospect Book will not ship this coming Saturday. We were supposed to get the books here tomorrow afternoon, but now it won't be until sometime next week. That is all we know at this point.

We are truly sorry for this, but once the book leaves us and goes to the printer, it is out of our hands.

We are still going to email the electronic version to people who ordered the electronic version on Saturday. We will also be emailing the Top 50/50 Prospects List to everyone who ordered the paper copy and provided a valid email address on Saturday. Once the paper copies arrive next week, they will ship immediately; we'll stay up all night to get the books out if we have to. We just don't know what night that will be yet.

If you have any questions that we can answer, please email Jeri at Again, we are truly sorry for the delay. The storm hit at the worst possible time in the production process, and we were only just informed of the mishap ourselves.