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Seattle Mariners Preliminary Prospect List

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As you can imagine, trying to cut the Seattle Mariners prospect list down to size is very difficult. The top prospects are obvious enough, but there is a HUGE mass of Grade C/C+ types who could develop into something interesting or who have high upsides or intriguing backgrounds. My first run-thru gave me over 60 names to look at.

I have that down to 51, which is still 10 too many. Remember, when trying to decide between Grade C/C+ types, I have to find a balance between role players close to the majors (for fantasy-oriented readers) and long-distance, high-bust potential upside guys (for general baseball readers) who are years away. I need to have a selection of both, but I don't have the room to include everyone.

Denny Almonte OF
Taylor Ard 1B
Logan Bawcom RHP
Jabari Blash OF
Matt Brazis RHP
Carter Capps RHP
Andrew Carraway RHP
Phillips Castillo OF
Vince Catricala 3B
Edwin Diaz RHP
Joseph DeCarlo 3B
Anthony Fernandez LHP
Nick Franklin INF
Luis Gohara LHP
Gabriel Guerrero OF
Jabari Henry OF
John Hicks C
Danny Hultzen LHP
James Jones OF
Patrick Kivlehan 3B
Bobby LaFromboise LHP
Leon Landry OF
Marcus Littlewood C
Timothy Lopes 2B
Jack Marder C
Tyler Marlette C
Ketel Marte INF
Francisco Martinez 3B
Brandon Maurer RHP
Jamodrick McGruder 2B
Yoervis Medina RHP
Brad Miller SS
Julio Morban OF
Gabriel Noriega SS
Jochi Ogando RHP
James Paxton LHP
Martin Peguero SS
Tyler Pike LHP
Dario Pizzano OF
Guillermo Pimentel OF
Steve Proscia 3B
Stephen Pryor RHP still eligible?
Stefen Romero 2B
Victor Sanchez RHP
Jordan Shipers LHP
Carson Smith RHP
Christopher Taylor SS
Carlos Triunfel INF
Dylan Unsworth RHP
Taijuan Walker RHP
Mike Zunino C

I am well behind schedule with the prospect lists and the 2013 Baseball Prospect Book, so I don't have time to argue about this much. Feel free to make suggestions for cuts and omissions, but keep in mind the restrictions I am working under.