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Minor League Ball Upcoming Topics

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Here is a look at upcoming topics at Minor League Ball.

****Monday: Organizational Farm System Rankings
****Tuesday: All Questions Answered Thread
****Prospect Retrospectives for the following players (order to be determined): Jacoby Ellsbury, Randy Johnson, Kenny Lofton, Justin Morneau, Mike Piazza. Feel free to suggest others if you like.
****Top 50 Prospects for 2013 Draft (date to be determined, may slip to next week)
****I'm going to write a draft report on JaCoby Jones of LSU, and Matt Garrioch is working up a bunch of other draft reports.
****More comments/excerpts from the 2013 Baseball Prospect Book.

We should be getting the books back from the printer by the end of the week and we are still on schedule to ship to all pre-orders on February 2nd.