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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Ian Clarkin, LHP, San Diego, CA HS

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Clarkin's curveball is one of the best, if not the best, in the prep class. He may be the best prep lefty in the draft.

Ian Clarkin, P, San Diego, CA
High School Senior
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
HT/WT: 6'1"/190
Birthdate: 2/14/95 Age at Draft: 18.44

Ian Clarkin Prospect Video, James Madison High School (via Steve Fiorindo)

Ian Clarkin is 6'1", 190 pounds. He isn't stocky but he isn't overly projectable either. He has muscular legs and sloped shoulders making me think he could add 15 pounds or so to his frame without losing his free and easy delivery. He has a very high leg kick but has an inconsistent follow through. He has a few minor mechanical issues but nothing that is out of the ordinary or that look like red flags. The leg kick and arm speed also add to his deception.

The best I saw him was with a 94 MPH fastball and a potential plus-plus breaking ball at 72-75 MPH. It looked unhittable and unfair at times. It's elite level when on. His fastball was more consistently 90-91 that he works down in the zone with good movement. His changeup is in the 77-80 MPH range and there is no reason it couldn't become an average pitch or better. It was hard to pick up and had some fade. He controls all three pitches well and should have average or better command.

Projecting Clarkin to have a 91-92 MPH fastball, a plus breaking ball and an average change to me is the low end of his potential and that would be a good #3 starter. I could see him better than that in the future and he could be a #2 starter if he commands all three pitches well and sits 92-94. That could be very likely. He has higher potential than many in the draft, though a lot of it depends on command and that curveball. He is one of my favorite arms in this class and could be a top 15 pick, if not higher with a good spring.

The San Diego native is committed to the University of San Diego, part of a stellar recruiting class that includes catcher Reese McGuire, southpaw Stephen Gonsalves, shortstop Terrian Arbet, and right-hander Andrew Church.