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Seattle Mariners Organization Discussion

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Otto Greule Jr

I am now working on the Los Angeles Dodgers prospect list. The next team in line is the Seattle Mariners, to be followed by the Milwaukee Brewers, Boston Red Sox, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels, Colorado Rockies,and the Cincinnati Reds to finish this interminable process.

Use this thread to discuss the future of the Seattle Mariners organization. Some possible points of discussion for you to consider:

****Obviously the major league team has not done well lately, but Jack Zduriencik's rebuilding process continues. How do you think things are going so far? Which players on the major league roster would you be willing to make a long-term commitment to?

****Will moving in the fences at Safeco Field help Jesus Montero, Justin Smoak, or Dustin Ackley?

****How quickly will Mike Zunino displace Montero to the DH role? Where would you begin Zunino in 2013? Double-A? Triple-A?

****True or False: Danny Hultzen's problems at Tacoma are indicative of serious problems and are not a fluke.

****Brad Miller kicks ass. Just sayin'.

****As always, share your sleepers. Brandon Maurer is a sleeper who woke up. Are there others on the horizon?