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Colorado Rockies Organization Discussion

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Doug Pensinger

I am now working on the Los Angeles Angels prospect list. The next team in line is the Colorado Rockies, followed by the Cincinnati Reds to finish up this process. Then I will finalize grades and work up an organizational ranking list.

Use this thread to discuss the Colorado Rockies system. Some possible points for discussion:

****The major league team finished 64-98, obviously unacceptable. If you were the GM, what moves involving young players or prospects would you consider making for 2013? Which players on the current major league roster are you willing to commit to for the long haul?

****True or False? Dexter Fowler will take a huge step forward with his power production in 2013.

****True or False? Drew Pomeranz will never be much better than he currently is.

****What is your strategy for the 2013 draft? You can't say 'best player available." What's your emphasis? What about the international market?

****What's your feel for the condition of the farm system? Which sleepers do you like?