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Labor Day Discussion: Jurickson Profar and the Texas Rangers

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Discussion Question: Texas Rangers Promote Jurickson Profar..What Should They Do Now?

The Texas Rangers promoted super-prospect Jurickson Profar to the major leagues yesterday. He homered in his major league debut, while adding a double in a two-for-four day. Before his promotion, he hit .281/.368/.452 in 126 games for Double-A Frisco in the Texas League, with 26 doubles, 14 homers, 66 walks, and 79 strikeouts in 480 at-bats. He also stole 16 bases in 20 attempts, while providing impressive defense at shortstop. Oh, and he's only 19 years old, and a switch-hitter to boot.

A couple of weeks ago, I pointed out that Profar is so good that Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles is NOT the best shortstop prospect in baseball. I asked if the Rangers should promote Profar to the major leagues for the September run, and the poll result was interesting: 631 people voted, with 322 voting "yes he should be promoted" (51%) and 309 voting "no he should not be promoted (49%).

The Rangers voted "yes" obviously. So, the question now is this: let's say Profar continues to play well in September, and that it looks like he is ready for a major league job entering 2013. If you were the Rangers, what would you do with him? Do you send Profar to Triple-A, although the question assumes that he doesn't need it, or do you trade someone to make room for him? Or do you think about trading Profar himself?