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Welcome to the New Minor League Ball

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An introduction to the new look of Minor League Ball and SB Nation United

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Greetings Minor League Ball Fans, and welcome to SB Nation United.

As you can tell, the look is much different now, sleeker and more modern. I can assure you that content won't change at all. It will be much more organized however.

In almost eight years of blogging I've stuck with a mainly chronological format, but with the new tools developed by Vox Media/SB Nation's crack technology development team, it will be much easier to organize content thematically.

The front page will still be primarily chronological, but you will notice that I'm now putting stories into categories such as "Prospect Analysis" or "Prospect Retrospectives" or "MLB Bonus Baby" for the draft. Check out the Sections Dropdown menu and you'll see what I mean. When a story drops off the front page chronologically, you can still easily access it in the relevant section.

In the Library Dropdown menu, you can find links to various prospect lists. As we head into 2013, this will be organized to include all of the Top 20 prospect lists to be published this fall and into the winter.

The new system also allows much greater integration with other SB Nation sites. You'll be seeing a lot more of that in the coming weeks and months. Fanposts and commenting should work as before. One huge improvement is that the entire network is now much more compatible with mobile platforms.

As with any new system, there may be some glitches. If you have technical problems, feel free to submit a question or comment to