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Upcoming Schedule for This Week at Minor League Ball

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Upcoming schedule...always subject to change of course.

Monday: New York Mets Top 20 Review, A Look at Moises Sierra
Tuesday: Seattle Mariners Top 20 Review, A Look at Josh Rutledge
Wednesday: San Diego Padres Top 20 Review, Looking at Stephen Pryor and Carter Capps
Thursday: Toronto Blue Jays Top 20 Review; Curtis Granderson Prospect Retro
Friday: Arizona Diamondbacks Top 20 Review; Carlos Ruiz Prospect Retro
Saturday: Miami Marlins Top 20 Review

Also scheduled, but exact day undetermined: Late-Round Sleepers from 2012 draft; Defining 1-2-3-4 Starters, Sleeper Shortstop Prospects.

If any trades occur, we'll analyze them, and we will have minor league notes throughout the week as well.