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Minor League Prospect Report: Matt Wisler, RHP, San Diego Padres

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Minor League Prospect Report: Matt Wisler, RHP, San Diego Padres

Last week, a reader asked me to take a look at San Diego Padres pitching prospect Matt Wisler, who is having an excellent season in the Low-A Midwest League for the Fort Wayne Tincaps. Wisler has just a 5-4 record in 22 starts, but of greater import is his 2.45 ERA and outstanding 108/28 K/BB ratio in 110 innings. He's allowed just 84 hits and one homer, and overall he's been one of the best statistical performers in the low minors this year.

He's a very good prospect too, so here's the rundown.

While researching Wisler, I found this article that Brian French wrote a couple of days ago over at Seedlings to Stars.

French already wrote most of the things that was going to write, including a look at Wisler's excellent statistical performance, plus scouting information. The right-hander works with a 90-93 MPH fastball, mixing in a slider, curve, and changeup. He throws strikes with ease and has a better feel for pitching than most guys his age.

His curveball draws particular praise and has since high school. A scout I spoke with last week during my Burlington trip mentioned Wisler when we talked about top league pitching prospects, saying he was a guy to watch very closely and predicting that he "could be just as good as pitchers with bigger names" as long as he stays healthy.

Lanky at 6-3, 180, Wisler still has some room to fill out, which could boost his velocity. Born September 12th, 1992, Wisler lasted until the seventh round of the '11 draft since most teams thought he was going to college ball at Ohio State. The Padres changed his mind with an overslot $500,000 bonus, and so far it looks like he's worth it. With his current arsenal, he projects as a number three starter, but if he gains zip with the fastball (and stays healthy), his potential is higher.

I admit to a bias in favor of Midwestern players and cold weather high school pitchers, so Wisler is the kind of guy I keep a close eye on. You should too. I'd give him a Grade B- off the top of my head, with a chance for more as I do more research.