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Philadelphia Phillies Trade Joe Blanton to Los Angeles Dodgers

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The Philadelphia Phillies got Joe Blanton through waivers and have traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers, for a player to be named later.

Obviously there is nothing to analyze yet and we don't know if the Phillies will obtain a prospect in return, but what do you guys think would be a fair return for Blanton?

Looking over the Dodgers prospect list, the Dodgers have already traded Josh Lindblom, Nathan Eovaldi, and Ethan Martin, but resisted trading other top prospects. I'm assuming this is still true and that they won't give up a top prospect for Blanton; I doubt we see Zach Lee or Allen Webster go east. Given that this is a one-for-one trade, who would be a fair return? Garrett Gould? Chris Withrow? Javier Solano? Someone else? What do you guys think? Who would you ask for if you were the Phillies, and who would you be willing to give up if you were the Dodgers?