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Michael Ynoa Rises from the Deep

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Michael Ynoa Rises from the Dead (Kinda)

Remember Michael Ynoa? The Dominican pitcher signed by the Oakland Athletics for $4,250,000 in 2008? He's spent most of the last three years injured, but the stars are finally right and Dread Ynoa has risen from the nightmare depths of drowned R'lyeh

Well, sort of. He made his debut for Vermont in the New York-Penn League on August 1st, going 2.1 innings, giving up five hits and three runs, walking two and striking out nobody. This is the first pitching he's done outside the Arizona Rookie League, and he was none too effective at the lower level, giving up 11 hits and seven runs in 10 innings, fanning six but walking nine.

John Manuel at Baseball America reports Ynoa showing 89-92 MPH velocity, but the effects of the long layoff are very noticeable. Manuel also makes the point that Ynoa will have to be protected on the 40-man roster to avoid the Rule 5 draft in December.

So, if you were Oakland, would you protect him? (my answer below the fold)

I wouldn't. I think he still has a chance but it's remote, and I don't think anyone will bite in Rule 5.