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2012 Baseball Draft: Seventh Round Update

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2012 Draft: Update on Seventh Round Picks

Continuing with our 2012 draft updates, we drive onward to the seventh round to study how everyone is doing so far. The current plan is to take this feature to the 10th round.

219) Preston Tucker, OF, Houston Astros: Below-slot college guy from Florida hitting well so far, .348/.405/.570 in 135 at-bats for Tri-City in the New York-Penn League. Negative is age, already 22.

220) Jorge Fernandez, C, Minnesota Twins:
.263/.288/.283 with three walks, 27 strikeouts in 99 at-bats for GCL Twins, 22% of runners caught, very high error/PB rates. Quite raw but this was expected. Slot bonus, from Puerto Rico.

221) Taylor Ard, 1B, Seattle Mariners:
.279/.348/.496 with 24 walks, 49 strikeouts in 276 at-bats for Everett in the Northwest League. Slot bonus, good college hitter carrying the power forward so far.

222) Matt Price, RHP, Baltimore Orioles: Hasn't pitched. Slot bonus from college.

223) Fred Ford, OF, Kansas City Royals:
Underslot junior college guy with power and speed, .245/.356/.491 with 13 homers, 34 walks, 83 strikeouts in 212 at-bats for Burlington in the Appy League. Interesting guy, profiles similarly to Brett Eibner.

224) Stephen Bruno, 2B, Chicago Cubs:
College infielder, slot bonus, hitting .345/.424/.477 with 15 walks, 47 strikeouts in 235 at-bats for Boise in the Northwest League. Has played six positions already.

225) Roman Madrid, RHP, San Diego Padres:
Underslot college arm, 2.41 ERA with 39/10 K/BB in 34 innings for Eugene in the Northwest League, 22 hits, 13 saves. No problems so far, could be useful relief asset.

226) Jacob Stallings, C, Pittsburgh Pirates:
Ultracheap bonus ($10,000), hitting .243/.332/.354 with 27 walks, 69 strikeouts in 206 at-bats for State College. Solid defensive guy, don't think he'll hit much.

227) Ryan Newell, RHP, Miami Marlins:
Slot bonus from NAIA school, throws hard and keeps the ball down but otherwise quite raw, 4.91 ERA with 21/22 K/BB in 22 innings between GCL and NY-P. 2.64 GO/AO.

228) Wilfredo Rodriguez, C, Colorado Rockies:
Overslot high school guy from Puerto Rico, hitting .333/.388/.478 with 12 walks, 20 strikeouts in 138 at-bats for Grand Junction in the Pioneer League. 25% of runners caught, high passed ball rate, but defensive tools are promising and it looks like he can hit. Significant sleeper prospect.

229) Cody Kurz, RHP, Oakland Athletics:
Slot bonus junior college arm. 3.60 ERA with a 9/25 (not a typo) K/BB in 20 innings in Arizona Rookie League. Good arm but no idea what he's doing yet.

230) Corey Oswalt, RHP, New York Mets:
8.15 ERA with 20/7 K/BB in 35 innings for Kingsport in the Appalachian League, 49 hits. Throws strikes but otherwise unimpressive, granted he's just a high school pitcher and has time. Big overslot bonus.

231) Jose Barraza, C, Chicago White Sox:
Slot bonus for high school catcher from California, good arm, but extremely raw. Hitting .171/.254/.2239 in 117 games in the Appy League, 17 passed balls and eight errors in 25 games.

232) Beau Amaral, OF, Cincinnati Reds:
.290/.353/.383 with 15 walks, 24 strikeouts, 16-for-17 in steals, 193 at-bats for Billings in the Pioneer League. No power but uses speed well. Slot bonus from college.

233) Josh Schubert (McAdams), OF, Cleveland Indians:
Overslot high school guy with plus raw power, listed as both Schubert and McAdams in various sources, in process of changing his name it seems. Hitting .226/.362/.261 with 18 walks, 47 strikeouts in 115 at-bats in AZL. Nothing to get excited about yet, quite raw.

234) Robert Benincasa, RHP, Washington Nationals:
3.32 ERA with 29/3 K/BB in 19 innings for Auburn in the NY-P, 24 hits, 3.83 GO/AO. Slot bonus from college, could move quickly as reliever if healthy, just went on DL.

235) Ian Parmley, OF, Toronto Blue Jays:
.205/.362/.259 with 51 walks, 41 strikeouts, 12-for-17 in steals in 205 at-bats for Vancouver in Northwest League. College guy, subatomic bonus, runs well, draws walks, but no other skills.

236) Theo Alexander, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers:
Very young, just turned 18 this month, .230/.272/.241 with five walks, 33 strikeouts in 87 at-bats in the AZL. Slot bonus for high school guy, very raw obviously, supposed to be a promising hitter.

237) Chase Patterson, C, Los Angeles Angels:
Slot bonus for high school catcher, hitting .190/.262/.241 with four walks, 31 strikeouts in 58 at-bats in the AZL, seven passed balls and six errors in 16 games. You can draw your own conclusions.

238) E.J. Encinosa, RHP, San Francisco Giants:
2.19 ERA with 14/4 K/BB, 3.17 GO/AO in 12 innings for AZL Giants. Slot bonus, college pitcher, but we need to see him against more appropriate competition. On DL.

239) David Starn, LHP, Atlanta Braves:
6.04 ERA with 24/17 K/BB in 28 innings for Rome in the Low-A South Atlantic League, 29 hits. Below slot bonus, finesse guy from college, can't get away with mid-80s fastball in pro ball with that many walks.

240) Kyle Barraclough, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals:
Below slot college senior, 3.06 ERA with 33/13 K/BB in 35 innings between NY-P and Low-A, 1.74 GO/AO, 26 hits. Good splitter, could be a sleeper.

241) Kyle Kraus, RHP, Boston Red Sox:
Higgs boson bonus at $1,000 from college, good results so far, 2.73 ERA with 22/4 K/BB in 26 innings between NY-P and Low-A, 3.07 GO/AO. Heavy sinker, throws strikes.

242) Marty Gantt, OF, Tampa Bay Rays:
Another small bonus college guy, .215/.308/.307 with 28 walks, 47 strikeouts in 205 at-bats for Hudson Valley in the NY-P. Has some tools, but not repeating big college numbers.

243) Andrew Velazquez, SS, Arizona Diamondbacks:
Above slot high school guy, raw glove but has hit well so far, .304/.385/.486 with 19 walks, 38 strikeouts, 20-for-23 in steals in 138 at-bats between AZL and the Pioneer League.

244) Hudson Randall, RHP, Detroit Tigers:
Easy peasy with the workload after some arm problems during college season, 3.00 ERA with 8/3 K/BB in 12 innings in GCL. Slot bonus.

245) David Otterman, LHP, Milwaukee Brewers:
College guy from Canada, 8.18 ERA with 9/5 K/BB in 11 innings between AZL Brewers and the Pioneer League, 15 hits. Sample too small to mean anything. Slot bonus, considered raw for college arm but has nice delivery.

246) Cam Schiller, 2B, Texas Rangers:
.281/.360/.403 with 21 walks, 31 strikeouts in 196 at-bats for Spokane in the Northwest League. Small bonus college senior.

247) Taylor Garrison, RHP, New York Yankees:
Another small bonus college guy, 2.70 ERA with 22/7 K/BB in 23 innings in the NY-P, 18 hits. Undersized but throws hard, good performance so far, Yankees have had some luck with these types.

248) Hoby Milner, LHP, Philadelphia Phillies: Slot bonus from college, effective so far, 2.86 ERA with 39/20 K/BB in 57 innings in Low-A, 50 hits. Would like a better K/BB ratio, but I saw him several times for the University of Texas and I think he has a chance to help. Tough on lefties, very skinny, stuff moves.