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2012 Baseball Draft: Sixth Round Update

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2012 Draft: Update on Sixth Round Picks

Continuing with our 2012 draft updates, we move forward to the sixth round and examine how everyone is doing so far. The current plan is to take this feature to the 10th round.

189) Brett Phillips, OF, Houston Astros: .251/.360/.360 with 28 walks, 48 strikeouts in 175 at-bats in the Gulf Coast League. Draws walks, power is untapped at this point, strikeout rate rather high, just 18.

190) Andre Martinez, LHP, Minnesota Twins:
4.50 ERA with 11/9 K/BB in 14 innings in the Gulf Coast League, 12 hits. Good curveball, high school pitcher saw his bonus reduced to just $80,000 following physical exam.

191) Timmy Lopes, 2B, Seattle Mariners:
Hitting .309/.374/.464 with 23 walks, 29 strikeouts in 207 at-bats in the Arizona Rookie League; has hit 11 triples. Quite interesting and a good start to his career.

192) Lex Rutledge, LHP, Baltimore Orioles: 1.64 with 13/3 K/BB and 5.67 GO/AO in 11 innings in the GCL, but 8.64 ERA with 8/10 K/BB in eight innings for Aberdeen in the New York-Penn League. Plenty of stuff, but command is uncertain.

193) Zach Lovvorn, RHP, Kansas City Royals:
8.20 ERA with 35/25 K/BB in 45 innings in the Arizona Rookie League, 59 hits, 1.85 GO/AO. Overslot bonus, good movement on the fastball, but serious command issues at this point.

194) Trey Lang, RHP, Chicago Cubs:
3.29 ERA with 11/2 K/BB and 3.29 GO/AO in 14 innings in the AZL, 16 hits. Small sample but some interesting markers here with the grounders and the low walk rate. Below slot junior college pitcher.

195) Jalen Goree, 2B, San Diego Padres:
.293/.372/.374 with 11 walks, 29 strikeouts in 99 at-bats in the AZL. Looks more like a 2B than a SS, bat has some promise.

196) Eric Wood, 3B, Pittsburgh Pirates: .
287/.371/.467 with 4 homers, 25 strikeouts in 122 at-bats in the GC, has played well on defense. Below slot JC player, but good numbers so far and someone to watch.

197) Anthony Gomez, SS, Miami Marlins:
.269/.321/.337 with 13 walks, 10 strikeouts in 193 at-bats for Jamestown in the NY-P, just promoted to Low-A. Has played well with the glove and made contact at the plate.

198) Matt Carasiti, RHP, Colorado Rockies:
3.98 ERA with 26/17 K/BB in 54 innings for Grand Junction in the Pioneer League, 60 hits, 1.42 GO/AO. Secondary pitches under development and somewhat raw for a college pitcher.

199) Seth Streich, RHP, Oakland Athletics:
3.14 ERA with 37/13 K/BB in 29 innings for Vermont in the NY-P, 23 hits, 2.40 GO/AO. Sinker can get into mid-90s, good slider too.

200) Jayce Boyd, 1B, New York Mets:
.228/.314/.321 with 21 walks, 26 strikeouts in 162 at-bats in the NY-P for Brooklyn. Below slot college guy from Florida State doesn't have the power for a first baseman.

201) Kyle Hansen, RHP, Chicago White Sox:
Just five innings pitched so far for Bristol in the Appy League and Great Falls in the Pioneer. Has fanned eight, but walked five. Tiny sample but fits the scouting reports perfectly: great arm, but still learning how to pitch.

202) Joe Hudson, C, Cincinnati Reds:
Hasn't played yet.

203) Joe Wendle, 2B, Cleveland Indians:
Good numbers so far from a below-slot guy, .315/.359/.458 with 12 walks, 22 strikeouts in 216 at-bats for Mahoning Valley in the NY-P. Good glove at second base. Plausible utility player.

204) Hayden Jennings, OF, Washington Nationals:
.192/.254/.231 with 11 walks, 70 strikeouts in 156 at-bats in the GCL. Has stolen 17 bases in 19 attempts, but his strikeout rate is obscene.

205) Eric Phillips, 2B, Toronto Blue Jays:
4-for-22 in eight games for Vancouver in the Northwest League. Hit well in college, tiny bonus guy, too early to tell much yet.

206) Joey Curletta, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers:
.118/.205/.147 with six walks, 24 strikeouts in 68 at-bats in the AZL. Awful so far, huge raw power, high school guy signed for slot money.

207) Eric Stamets, SS, Los Angeles Angels:
Possible sleeper, has held own moving from college to Low-A, hittinig .278/.333/.356 with 15 walks, 27 strikeouts, seven steals in 216 at-bats for Cedar Rapids in the Midwest League. Has played well on defense.

208) Stephen Johnson, RHP, San Francisco Giants:
5.63 ERA with 14/11 K/BB in 16 innings for Salem-Keizer in the Northwest League, 18 hits. Throws quite hard, but not a refined pitcher at this point, raw for a college guy.

209) Josh Elander, C, Atlanta Braves:
.263/.371/.449 with 16 walks, 17 strikeouts in 118 at-bats for Danville in the Appy League, 23% of runners caught, error/PB rates are high so far, which fits pre-draft reports that he needed work with the glove.

210) Kurt Heyer, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals:
Just six innings so far between the GCL and the NY-P, allowing three runs on five hits, not walking anyone, but fanning nine. Slot bonus guy, experienced college pitcher who fits well into Cardinals system.

211) Justin Haley, RHP, Boston Red Sox:
1.88 ERA with 27/11 K/BB in 29 innings in the NY-P for Lowell, 21 hits, 1.43 GO/AO. Successful in college, below slot bonus, has performed well thus far.

212) Damion Carroll, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays:
2.33 ERA with 20/19 K/BB, 4.50 GO/AO in 19 innings in the GCL, 13 hits. Positives: lots of strikeouts, few hits, lots of grounders, throws hard, intimidating mound presence. Negative: too many walks, and more thrower than pitcher. But he is just 18 and everyone expected him to be raw.

213) Jake Lamb, 3B, Arizona Diamondbacks:
.317/.385/.510 with 23 walks, 44 strikeouts in 243 at-bats for Missoula in the Pioneer League, has also played well on defense. Slot bonus college player with fine performance so far.

214) Jordan John, LHP, Detroit Tigers:
Just three innings in rookie ball so far, has allowed one hit and no walks, fanning five. Advanced college pitcher signed for a little below slot, and could end up being a bargain given feel for pitching.

215) Angel Ortega, SS, Milwaukee Brewers:
Slot bonus for high school kid from Puerto Rico, hitting .229/.271/.301 with 10 walks, 24 strikeouts, eight steals in 166 at-bats in AZL. Good arm, but raw in all phases.

216) Royce Bolinger, OF, Texas Rangers:
.302/.343/.376 with 12 walks, 35 strikeouts in 255 at-bats for Spokane in the Northwest League. Below slot college guy, not much power yet, good arm.

217) Nick Goody, RHP, New York Yankees:
Just promoted to High-A, excellent numbers at three levels so far: 0.93 ERA with 45/9 K/BB in 29 innings, 16 hits, seven saves. Easy to overlook due to "multiple stat line syndrome," but LSU product could move fast.

218) Cameron Perkins, 3B-1B, Philadelphia Phillies:
.301/.355/.403 with 13 walks, 36 strikeouts in 226 at-bats for Williamsport in the NY-P. Slot bonus out of college, has a chance to hit for power and average if he can control the strike zone.