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2012 Baseball Draft Update: Third Round Picks

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2012 Draft: Update on Third Round Picks

Continuing with our 2012 draft updates, we move forward to the third round and examine how everyone is doing so far with their transitions to professional baseball.

96) Brady Rodgers, RHP, Houston Astros: 2.60 ERA with 48/9 K/BB in 55 innings for Tri-City in the New York-Penn League, 1.61 GO/AO. Advanced college pitcher is doing very well in short-season ball, which is to be expected.

97) Adam Brett Walker, OF, Minnesota Twins: .260/.316/.524 with 14 homers, 16 walks, 69 strikeouts in 208 at-bats for Elizabethton in the Appy League. As expected, showing excellent power but significant contact/plate discipline issues.

98) Edwin Diaz, RHP, Seattle Mariners: 5.50 ERA with 20/16 K/BB in 18 innings for AZL Mariners, 11 hits. Good arm strength but raw, as anticipated.

99) Adrian Marin, SS, Baltimore Orioles: .277/.330/.349 with 11 walks, 31 strikeouts in 166 at-bats in the Gulf Coast League. Nothing special yet, may fit better at second base.

100) Colin Rodgers, LHP, Kansas City Royals: 2.06 ERA with 22/13 K/BB in 44 innings for Burlington in the Appy League, 35 hits, 1.47 GO/AO. Pretty good for a high school guy in the Appy.

101) Ryan McNeil, RHP, Chicago Cubs: 2.25 ERA with 14/7 K/BB in 12 innings in Arizona Rookie League, 14 hits, 1.71 GO/AO. Small sample but there are promising markers here.

102) Fernando Perez, 3B, San Diego Padres: .273/.298/.455 with two walks, 17 strikeouts in 55 at-bats in the AZL. Showing some pop, rather raw, especially with glove.

103) Jon Sandfort, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates: 5.54 ERA with 5/10 K/BB in 13 innings, nine hits, 1.91 GO/AO. Gets grounders, but significant control problems in a small sample.

104) Avery Romero, 2B-3B, Miami Marlins: Hitting just .204/.285/.324 with eight walks, 18 strikeouts in 108 at-bats in GCL. No bat so far, but playing well on defense.

105) Tom Murphy, C, Colorado Rockies: Hitting .294/.363/.435 with three homers, 14 walks, 41 strikeouts in 170 at-bats for Tri-City in the Northwest League, has caught just 18% of runners. I think he can do better.

106) Kyle Twomey, LHP, Oakland Athletics: Didn't sign.

107) Matt Koch, RHP, New York Mets: 5.52 ERA with 12/6 K/BB in 15 innings for Brooklyn Cyclones in NY-P, 15 hits, 0.94 GO/AO. Pitched well at first but roughed up in last couple of outings.

108) Joey DeMichele, 2B, Chicago White Sox: .348/.412/.696 in 12 games in the Appy League, followed by .276/.333/.422 with 15 walks, 41 strikeouts in 185 at-bats for Low-A Kannapolis in the Sally League. Not great but holding his own so far. Defense has been excellent.

109) Dan Langfield, RHP, Cincinnati Reds: 2.77 with 39/12 K/BB in 26 innings for Billings in the Pioneer League, 14 hits. Could use better control, but excellent K/IP and H/IP marks stand out.

110) Kieran Lovegrove, RHP, Cleveland Indians: 6.19 ERA with 11/5 K/BB in 16 innings for AZL Indians, 25 hits. Just turned 18 less than a month ago, so I would say he has plenty of time.

111) Brett Mooneyham, LHP, Washington Nationals: 3.26 ERA with 21/12 K/BB in 30 innings for Auburn in the NY-P, 30 hits. Just like in college: looks like a pitcher, good arm, but doesn't dominate the way you think he should.

112) Anthony Alford, OF, Toronto Blue Jays: 3-for-18 in rookie ball, stole four bases. Great tools obviously. Maybe it's just me, but if I was a GM I would be very hard sell on drafting guys who aren't fully committed to baseball.

113) Onelki Garcia, LHP, Los Angeles Dodgers: Cuban defector hasn't pitched yet.

114) R.J. Alvarez, RHP, Los Angeles Angels: 4.43 ERA with 28/10 K/BB in 20 innings, 18 hits for Low-A Cedar Rapids. Lots of strikeouts, holding his own with jump from Florida Atlantic to Midwest League.

115) Mac Williamson, OF, San Francisco Giants: .350/.409/.650 with five walks, nine strikeouts in 80 at-bats for Salem-Keizer in the Northwest League, six homers already. Small sample, but good to see.

116) Bryan de la Rosa, C, Atlanta Braves: .172/.206/.234 with two walks, 27 strikeouts in 64 at-bat in the GCL. Also 13 passed balls and five errors in 26 games. That's a pretty craptastic statline but nobody gets condemned on the basis of rookie ball play at age 18.

117) Tim Cooney, LHP, St. Louis Cardinals: 2.36 ERA with 35/5 K/BB in 46 innings for Batavia in the NY-P, 43 hits, 1.57 GO/AO. Nice numbers, college guy with polish in the NY-P, so we'll see at higher levels, but a good start.

118) Austin Maddox, RHP, Boston Red Sox: Eased in slowly, just five innings in the GCL so far, but they've been good ones: four hits, one run, one walk, four strikeouts, 4.00 GO/AO.

119) Andrew Toles, OF, Tampa Bay Rays: .288/.337/.500 with 11 walks, 30 strikeouts, 13 steals in 170 at-bats for Princeton in the Appy. Intriguing power/speed production, will have to see how discipline looks at higher levels. Fast, wasn't supposed to have this much pop.

120) Jake Barrett, RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks: 6.00 ERA with 21/10 K/BB in 21 innings for Low-A South Bend in Midwest League, 22 hits, 1.69 GO/AO, six saves. Looked awesome in June but has sagged in July and August. Tired?

121) Austin Schotts, OF, Detroit Tigers
: Very nice numbers in the GCL, .338/.387/.489 with 12 steals. Spotty plate discipline and needs work on center field defense.

122) Zachary Quintana, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers: 5.79 ERA with a 31/20 K/BB in 37 innings in AZL, 37 hits, 1.86 GO/AO. Has got some command issues to work through, but K/grounder combination is nice to see, matches pre-draft reports of good sinker and breaking ball.

123) Pat Cantwell, C, Texas Rangers: .278/.371/.361 with 15 walks, 25 strikeouts in 169 at-bats for Spokane in the Northwest League, 40% of runners caught. Fits pre-draft reports of solid defense but questionable bat.

124) Nathan Mikolas, 1B, New York Yankees: Wisconsin high schooler didn't like Florida cooking, hit .160/.299/.198 with 33 strikeouts in 81 at-bats in GCL. Can't spin that positively, but as they say, it's rookie ball.

125) Zach Green, 3B, Philadelphia Phillies: .305/.353/.461 with seven walks, 36 strikeouts in 154 at-bats for GCL Phillies. Error-prone but has good arm and range, bat is zippy but impatient.

126) Tyler Pike, LHP, Seattle Mariners: 1.57 ERA with 49/18 K/BB in 46 innings in the AZL, 28 hits. Needs to get the walks down, but K/IP and H/IP are highly impressive. Signed way above slot for $850,000 but I think it could be worth it.

127) Kolby Copeland, OF, Miami Marlins: .277/.324/.386 with 15 walks, 27 strikeouts in 202 at-bat in the GCL. Nothing overly good or overly bad with the numbers, no real change in scouting reports, has tools and a chance to hit.

128) Ryan Warner, RHP, Colorado Rockies: 6.62 ERA with 28/9 K/BB in 35 innings for Grand Junction in the Pioneer League, 50 hits. Getting knocked around but just 18, Pioneer League isn't an easy place to pitch, and he's more of a projection guy anyway.