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Poll Question: Addison Russell or Oscar Taveras?

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So I have an opportunity to take a quick, unscheduled scouting trip in the next day or two. I have narrowed it down to two possibilities: I can go north to Burlington, Iowa, to see the Burlington Bees (and Addison Russell) against the Clinton Lumberkings, or I can go south to northwest Arkansas to see the NW Arkansas Naturals against the Springfield Cardinals (and Oscar Taveras).
It comes down to this: who do I want to see more, Russell or Taveras? Oscar is a lot closer to the major leagues and probably the best overall hitter in the minors, but I've seen him before. Russell is further away, but he's a first-round pick from this year and I haven't seen him in person yet.

So let's take a poll. Who would you rather see?

My decision will NOT necessarily be the same as the poll result. Other things factor in such as driving time, weather forecasts, hotel availability, etc. But I'm curious what you guys think.