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2012 Under Armour Game

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Clint Frazier Prospect Video, Loganville High School (via Steve Fiorindo)

The 2013 baseball draft prep class is hard to figure out. There are a few guys at the top that stand out with the bat but don't have a lot of defensive value. That makes this difficult. The clear talent was at the plate though.

1. Clint Frazier, OF, 6', 190, Loganville, GA

He has ridiculous bat speed. He isn't a physical presence like some others in this draft but the wrists and forearms create elite bat speed and plus power. He has great contact ability and plays like every play will be his last. He was the best player in this game and will be the best player in a lot of the games he plays until he retires.

2. Justin Williams, OF, 6'2", 215, Houma, LA

Williams is a physical presence. He is a good football player as well apparently but baseball is his future. His bat is really fast and his power is extremely impressive. He is a RF and should be a solid defensive outfielder. He has a very good arm as well but the bat is the value here. The fact he can be a RF and not resigned to 1B is the reason he is above Smith.

3. Dominic Smith, 1B, 6', 195 Los Angeles, CA

Smith has great offensive potential. He can really hit the hell out of the ball. His double in this game shows his elite hitting ability. He is anchored to 1B unless he steps onto the mound, where he is very good as well, though he didn't pitch in this game.

4. Jan Hernandez, SS, 6'3", 185, San Lorenzo, PR

Hernaadez may be a 3B in the long run because he is slow. He may have enough quickness to play SS for a while but it doesn't matter. He crushes baseballs. He hits everything hard. He takes aggressive hacks but he barrels everything.

5. Brett Morales, RHP, 6'2, 190 Tampa, FL

His breaking ball flashed plus and his change was very good. His fastball was the best I saw in the game and he really impressed me. He got hit around a little but he was the best arm in this game.

6. Zack Collins, 1B, 6'3", 215, Pembroke Pines, FL

Collins has almost no defensive value if he can't stick behind the dish. I didn't get a good feel for his ability back there but his value is at the plate. He is one of the top bats in this draft. He should be a middle of the order hitter and his bat should over ride the lack of defensive value.

7. Austin Meadows, OF, 6'3", 200, Loganville, GA

Meadows looks like a star. He is athletic, smooth and effortless but I have yet to see anything that blows me away with him. His triple at the end of the game was the best swing I have seen from him out of dozens of AB's. I need to watch more of him to see if I am missing something but I don't see a top 10 guy here as everyone else does.

The others:

Brian Navaretto, C, 6'3, 215, Jacksonville, FL

Navaretto looked good great behind the dish, showing off his arm and also looking good at the dish. He is a nice looking prospect.

Jon Denney, C/1B, 6'2, 205, Yukon, OK

Denney looked good behind the dish as well but made it look easy at the plate. I heard he looked good at the Area Code Games as well. I haven't seen enough of him to know if this is who he is, but if he can keep this up, he is a 1st rounder.

Trey Ball, OF, 6'6", 180, New Castle, IN

Ball looked long, lean and loose in his swings at the plate. Much better than on the mound in my opinion. He could be interesting next spring to see what MLB teams think of him. I would think he'd be a OF'er but that is only if he doesn't gain a couple ticks.

Pitchers are hard to get a grasp on in showcase events. You don't get to see a lot of them and you can only see flashes of what they could be.

Kacy Clemens looks a lot like his Dad without the Split and the mid 90's heat. SO he looked kinda OK. I'd still like him if his name were something other than Clemens but watching that delivery makes me hopeful he follows in his Pop's footsteps for just a few years.

Connor Jones, RHP, looked good. He has a similar delivery to Danny Hultzen with his bent knees on the mound. His sinker/slider combo was impressive and he looks like he could be a solid college pitcher and be a back end of the rotation guy down the line.

Robert Tyler, RHP, is in the same boat. He flashed an average fastball, change and a fringy curveball but with some improvement to the curve, he could be a solid #4 starter in the bigs.

Thomas Hatch, RHP, doesn't have the best fastball in the world, it's 85-89 but he works well off it. His breaking ball is average but his change flashes plus. It has good fade to it and he commands it well. I don't know if he projects better than a reliever but if he gains a couple ticks on the fastball, he could be a solid arm.

Chris Kohler, LHP, while his fastball is only in the upper 80's and scrapes 90 on occasion, his arm speed projects more. His delivery is easy and effortless and his secondary pitches are solid. He is athletic and could be a guy that really could jump up with a velocity uptick.

JP Crawford, SS

Nice bat, good athlete.

Dustin Driver, RHP

Bulldog with potential.

Dalton Dulin, 2B

For all the little 2B fans and fans who like grinder types.

Corey Ray, OF

A little like Brian Goodwin. Announces say Granderson but I don't see that.

Jared Brasher, RHP

Love the hair. Better in other views.

Matt McPhearson, OF

Blazing OF. Great athleticism.

Joey Martarano, 3B, Ivan Wilson, OF and KJ Woods, OF all look like football players on a baseball field.

Wait a bit longer on...

Lewin Diaz, 1B

A top name for July 2, 2013. Will be huge since he is already like 6-3, 210. A little Ron Guzman to him.

Alex Jackson, C

One of the top preps for 2014. Didn't see a lot of him but it's easy to see it's there.