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Minor League Prospect Note: Roberto Osuna, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays

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Minor League Prospect Note: Roberto Osuna, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays spent $1,500,000 to sign right-hander Roberto Osuna out of Mexico last summer. Although he's only 17 years old, he's physically mature for his age, listed at 6-2, 230. He's also a remarkably advanced pitcher for his age and has thrived in pro ball this summer.

He started off with 24 innings for Bluefield in the Appalachian League, with a 24/6 K/BB, 18 hits allowed, and a 1.50 ERA. Promoted to Vancouver in the Northwest League, he's remained effective over four starts, posting a 3.24 ERA with a 24/8 K/BB in 17 innings with just 11 hits allowed. Keep in mind his age: he's only 17, and the Northwest League is populated by players 2-4 years older than he is, many of them from the college ranks.

Osuna doesn't want for stuff, working at 90-94 MPH and hitting 95-96 at times. He commands the fastball well, and it plays up due to the contrast with his slider and splitterish changeup. All three pitches project as above-average major league offerings. Combine that with impressive command and dominating mound presence, and you've got yourself a prospect. I had him as a Grade C+ pre-season, but would mark him as a strong Grade B now, perhaps a B+.

Check out this detailed scouting report from Michael Schwartze at