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Kansas City Royals Trade Jonathan Broxton to Cincinnati Reds for Two Prospects

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Kansas City Royals Trade Jonathan Broxton to Cincinnati Reds for Two Pitching Prospects

The Kansas City Royals traded veteran reliever Jonathan Broxton to the Cincinnati Reds right before Tuesday's trade deadline. In exchange, the Kansas Cityites receive a pair of pitching prospects: lefty Donnie Joseph and right-hander J.C. Sulbaran. Here's a quick look.

Donnie Joseph, LHP: The Reds drafted Joseph in the third round in 2009, from the University of Houston. He posted an ugly 6.94 ERA in Double-A last year, however his ERA was very misleading about his level of talent. He has been much more effective this year, posting a 0.89 ERA with a 46/8 K/BB in 30 innings for Double-A Pensacola, then a 2.86 ERA with a 22/8 K/BB in 22 innings for Triple-A Louisville. He's picked up 18 saves this year.

Joseph is a 6-3, 190 pound lefty, born November 1, 1987. A fastball/slider type, his fastball is in the low-90s, sometimes higher, and he has a nasty slider that eats lefties for breakfast. He's holding them to a .174 average in Triple-A. He keeps the ball down and gets grounders. At worst, he'll make a fine LOOGY but his stuff is good enough to face right-handers when his command is working.

J.C. Sulbaran, RHP: Sulbaran was a 30th round draft pick back in 2008 from high school in Florida, although it took a robust $500,000 bonus to keep him away from college. He's teased the Reds with his talent ever since, dominating on occasion but having his share of rough outings that kept his ERA over 4.00 each season. He's repeated that pattern in 2012, going 7-7, 4.04 in 19 starts for Double-A Pensacola, with a 111/54 K/BB ratio in 105 innings, 101 hits allowed, and 17 homers given up.

Sulbaran is a 6-2, 220 pounder, born November 9, 1989. He's had significant problems keeping his mechanics in line at times, but when everything is working well he has a 90-95 MPH fastball. His curve varies between plus and below average, depending on the day, and his changeup is likewise inconsistent. If you see Sulbaran on a good day, he looks like a prototype number three starter, talent reflected in his strikeout rate. If you see him on a bad day, you wonder how he'll get out of Double-A.

I thought he was a sleeper pre-season and I still see him that way. Both Joseph and Sulbaran are promising, and I think this was a good deal for the Royals.