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Theoretical Josh Beckett Trade Between Red Sox and Rangers

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There were rumors earlier today about the Boston Red Sox exploring the trade market for veteran right-hander Josh Beckett, with the Texas Rangers a possible destination. Those rumors were short-lived and apparently hold no water. It doesn't look like such a trade will happen, but let's say that it DID happen. DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to start some sort of Beckett-to-the-Rangers rumor here, this exercise is for fun.

Let's have a little speculative fun and try to put together a realistic package for Beckett. Looking at the Rangers prospect list, and considering the angles here including Beckett's contract (which still has two years to run), what kind of package would make sense? For purposes of this exercise, let's assume that Jurickson Profar, Martin Perez, and Mike Olt are OFF the table.

What can you come up with that would be equitable for both teams? My take is below the fold.

I'm assuming here that the Red Sox have concluded that while the 32-year-old Beckett is still a decent pitcher, he isn't likely to return to his 2011 or 2007 performance standards. Let's say that the Rangers have a similar view and don't expect that they'll be getting a superstar starter out of the deal, but they see him as a guy who can help them down the stretch this year and be above-average for another year or two.

How about Christian Villanueva, Justin Grimm, and Barrett Loux? Too much? Not enough? What can you come up with?