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Minor League Prospect Note: Jorge Bonifacio, OF, Kansas City Royals

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**Someone asked me to comment on Kansas City Royals outfield prospect Jorge Bonifacio.

The younger brother of Emilio Bonifacio, Jorge was signed by the Royals as a free agent from the Dominican Republic in 2009. A 6-1, 200-pound right-handed hitter and thrower, he turned 19 last month but is performing very well for Kane County in the Low-A Midwest League, hitting .307/.365/.458 thus far with 25 walks and 54 strikeouts in 306 at-bats. That's a particularly impressive slash line for the Midwest League, where the league average OPS is just .700.

The video linked above gives you a good idea about his setup at the plate. He seems to move around a lot but it doesn't impact his timing negatively, and to my knowledge he's shown no particular weaknesses against breaking pitches or stuff outside the zone. Scouting reports point to above-average power potential and gradually improving plate discipline. He also has a strong throwing arm that fits well in right field.

Bonifacio hasn't received much attention outside of Royals fandom, but that will change soon and there is good buzz about him. I had him as a C+/sleeper pre-season and would rank him a B- right now, with a higher grade possible by the end of the year.