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What are you Looking For in Draft Coverage?

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I am not a great writer. I'm sure you have noticed by now. I am not an aspiring sports journalist. I'm not going to try to break into baseball as a front office guy and I have no want to be a scout. I just love baseball. I watch a lot of it. I read a lot about it and it is the only sport I have liked my entire life. I always want to know more about it and learn more about it. I have a lot of enthusiasm for it and wish I was a better writer so I could spread my knowledge of it. I wish I had more time to talk about it and a better outlet other than typing, because I am quite poor at it but...

The reason I am writing this is to find out what to focus my efforts on. I don't have the time to post daily. I will likely post weekly or twice a week and even more toward the draft but I want to know what you want to read. John does an amazing job writing content and I can't tell if a lot of people like what I do or if it is more of a niche within a niche. I want to write to inform you in what you want to know about, to a point.

Do you want more high end draft talent information, like profiles and scouting reports on just the top 50-70 players? Do you want info on the top 100-150 players with less depth but more general information to build a foundation on understanding the player? Do you want a lot of depth? Are you interested in the 200th best player in the 2013 draft? I am. How about the 500th best? I don't know if anyone else cares and I don't want to write 140-200 words about Austin Sexton if no one cares.

Make no mistake, I will tell you about the Lefty that is a month younger than Dylan Bundy and nearly as talented that you won't hear about for two more years in most places. That kind of info you will get. The question is how interested are you in the future relief arm for Florida who is 6'7", who could develop into a middle reliever or a back end of the rotation starter in pro ball. He is likely a 6th-8th round guy if his college career goes how I expect it. Does that kind of player interest you?

Let me know what you want in draft and amateur coverage.