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Links of Interest and a Suggestion Thread

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Links of Interest, July 19, 2012

**My friend Rob Neyer over at Baseball Nation opens up his Video Mailbag. I like his point about how pitchers can come back more easily from a long layoff than hitters. Ben Sheets got me thinking about that and we'll hit Sheets up with a Prospect Retro very soon.

**Jack Moore at Fangraphs analyzes Detroit Tigers rookie Jacob Turner and his really awful not so good start against the Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday night.

**More Fangraphs analysis of Cleveland Indians starter Zach McAllister and his increased velocity. We'll do a piece on him in the coming days as well.

Other topics of conversation upcoming: Curtis Granderson, Carlos Ruiz, Matt Harvey, and Josh Vitters. Feel free to make other suggestions. The next two teams for Top 20 reviews are the Pittsburgh Pirates later this morning, followed by the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies. No, I don't do these in a particular order. It is relatively random, although I alternate between American and National Leagues, and try to keep a balance between divisions.