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2012 MLB Competitive Balance Draft Lottery

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2012 MLB Competitive Balance Lottery Begins at 1:30 PM Eastern.

Today is the first "Competitive Balance Lottery" for extra picks in the 2013 draft. The lottery begins at 1:30 PM Eastern Time.

The lottery awards six compensation picks that will occur at the end of the first round of the 2013 MLB First-Year Player Draft. The lottery pool involves the 10 lowest-revenue teams and the 10 smallest-market teams. There is overlap between the two categories, so overall there are 13 teams (Arizona Diamondbacks, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, Oakland Athletics, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres, Tampa Bay Rays, Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals) that will vie for the six lottery picks.

At the end of the second round, there will be another six picks, and teams from the small markets that didn't receive a pick in the first drawing will be reentered, along with any revenue sharing team not previously included. This year, that would only include the Detroit Tigers.

The odds of winning a pick in the lottery are based on the club's winning percentage in 2011. Also, the lottery picks can be traded between now and the end of the season. Theoretically, the lottery will help the teams with the least talent and the least money.

That's the theory. The reality is that eight of the 14 potential lottery teams are currently over .500. As with all of the changed draft rules in the new MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement, we'll just have to see how it works.

On a personal note, while I understand what MLB is trying to do here, the entire "lottery" concept rubs me the wrong way. I don't like the element of randomness inserted into the proceedings. This isn't the NBA.