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2012 MLB Draft Signing Deadline Winners - College Version

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TREY WILLIAMS (via Fidog91)

So much can change in 3 years of college. Colin Moran was a 20th round type of player out of high school and he wouldn't sign there, so he didn't even get drafted. He is now looked at as a 1st round talent after 2 very good years at UNC and I'm sure a 3rd will be coming. Players like that will likely move their way onto this list, which is essentially my top draft prospect list for 2015. As everything prospect related goes, it is always changing but from this we can see who was rewarded and who wasn't because of the draft.

Without going into each player and their abilities, I have where I have them ranked for the 2015 after developing in college as well as their position and the school they are committed to. Some may go the JuCo route but I don't have good information on those players. Teddy Stankiewicz is one player that will likely go that route, but I have no confirmation on that.

There are some very good players that didn't sign. Below is a list of who the top incoming freshman are for all of you that enjoy college baseball. For those of you who don't, my goal is to get you to that point because you are missing out on a lot of prospecting, but more on that later. Here are some of the top 2013 Freshman.

Rank Name POS POS2 College
53 Mikey White SS 2B Alabama
69 Keaton Haack P OF Alabama
78 Jackson Willeford 2B Arizona
99 Cody Moffett P Arizona
27 Ryan Burr P OF Arizona State
59 Ryan Kellogg P Arizona State
80 Ruben (RJ) Ybarra C Arizona State
91 Brett Lilek P Arizona State
126 Jordan Aboites SS Arizona State
17 Teddy Stankiewicz P Arkansas
52 Blake Baxendale C 3B Arkansas
72 Willie Schwanke 3B 1B Arkansas
112 Trey Killian P Arkansas
35 Justin Garza P SS Cal State Fullerton
121 Max Dutto SS OF California
119 Ryan O'Shea P Central Michigan
5 Clate Schmidt P SS Clemson
44 Steven Duggar OF Clemson
41 James Marvel P IF Duke
37 Eric Hanhold P OF Florida
63 Jason Carmichael P Florida
83 Richie Martin SS Florida
102 Gerald Bautista 3B RHP Florida
103 Christian Dicks OF Florida
88 Reynaldo Ordonez Jr SS RHP Florida International
28 Jameis Winston CF RHP Florida State
109 Cody Johnson P Fordham
23 Sean McLaughlin P RHP Georgia
51 Kyle Carter OF LHP Georgia
81 David Gonzalez P 1B Georgia
104 J.T. Phillips 3B SS Georgia
106 Palmer Betts 3B RHP Georgia
129 Zack Bowers C 3B Georgia
56 Cole Miller 1B OF Georgia Tech
71 Matt Gonzalez SS RHP Georgia Tech
130 Taylor Jones P 3B Gonzaga
137 Carlos Martinez OF Hawaii
24 Jason Goldstein C Illinois
77 Blake Hickman C Iowa
39 Cody Gunter 3B RHP Kansas State
136 Matt Fultz C Kansas State
20 Chase Mullins P 1B Kentucky
48 Kyle Cody P Kentucky
131 Kyle Funkhouser P Louisville
2 Alex Bregman 2B 2B LSU
50 Geonte' Jackson SS LSU
54 Christopher Chinea C 3B LSU
89 Russell Reynolds P LSU
98 Michael Taylor P Marshall
13 Brandon Lopez SS RHP Miami
16 David Thompson OF 3B Miami
75 Eric Neitzel 3B OF Miami
97 Justin Alleman P 3B Michigan State
15 Alec Rash P Missouri
120 Tate Matheny CF C Missouri State
11 Skye Bolt CF North Carolina
38 Kayden Porter P North Carolina
101 Corbin Olmstead P 3B North Florida
140 Jake Fossick P OF North Florida
116 Shane Brown OF Oakland
94 Kolbey Carpenter SS 3B Oklahoma
76 Chase Nyman SS Ole Miss
107 Cameron Dishon OF Ole Miss
64 Cole Irvin P Oregon
30 Dylan LaVelle 3B RHP Oregon State
58 Christopher Barr OF LHP Palm Beach State
1 Trey Williams SS SS Pepperdine
85 Jackson McClelland P Pepperdine
138 Justin Thomas P Quinnipiac
55 Kevin McCanna P C Rice
60 Troy Conyers P 1B San Diego
61 Cameron (CJ) Saylor C RHP San Diego State
95 Ty France 3B RHP San Diego State
86 Jack Wynkoop P South Carolina
90 Max Schrock SS South Carolina
57 Erich Knab P Spartanburg Methodist College
31 Drew Jackson SS OF Stanford
32 Freddy Avis P Stanford
46 Daniel Starwalt P OF Stanford
68 Jonny Locher OF LHP Stanford
4 Mitchell Traver P TCU
100 Riley Ferrell P 3B TCU
108 Alex Young P OF TCU
35 Vincent Jackson CF LHP Tennessee
65 A.J. Simcox SS Tennessee
111 David Houser C Tennessee
127 Vance Vizcaino SS 3B Tennessee
6 C.J. Hinojosa SS Texas
70 Ben Johnson CF C Texas
117 Grayson Long P OF Texas A&M
133 Tyler Spencer 1B Truman State
93 Tanner Kiest P UC Riverside
110 Connor Baits P 1B UC Santa Barbara
3 Hunter Virant P OF UCLA
9 James Kaprielian P OF UCLA
12 Cody Poteet P 3B UCLA
113 Felipe Perez P IF UCLA
125 Darrell Miller C UCLA
82 Collin Yelich C UNLV
21 Kyle Twomey P 1B USC
87 Vahn Bozoian OF USC
135 Jake Hanson C Valparaiso
7 Rhett Wiseman CF Vanderbilt
14 Walker Buehler P Vanderbilt
22 Xavier Turner 3B IF Vanderbilt
26 Carson Fulmer P SS Vanderbilt
40 Dansby Swanson SS RHP Vanderbilt
62 Kyle Smith SS 3B Vanderbilt
8 Nathan Kirby P Virginia
139 Josh Sborz P 1B Virginia
47 Braden Bishop CF RHP Washington
118 Trek Stemp SS Washington State
124 Danny Bermudez C Western Carolina