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Weekend Features You May Have Missed

We continue to produce more material for you, and we had a busy weekend here at Minor League Ball. For those of you who weren't around the last couple of days, but who are now sitting at your office computer looking for some non-work material to entertain you, here are some convenient links to the articles and some lively discussions that you may have missed.

Pittsburgh Pirates Don't Sign Mark Appel, Higgs Boson Continues Bosoning

Prospect Retrospective: Melky Cabrera, OF, San Francisco Giants

Taylor Guerrieri and the Uses of Personal Observation

2012 MLB Draft Deadline Signing Thoughts by Matt Garrioch

Rookie Report: Michael Fiers, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers

Minor League Prospect Note: Travis Shaw, 1B, Boston Red Sox


The rest of the month promises to be even busier. We will look at any prospects involved in trade deadline deals, and we'll continue our reviews of the Top 20 Pre-Season Prospects Lists.