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2012 Astros Shadow Draft

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This is by far the toughest I have done in the three years I have been doing this. In the past, I took the best player available and didn't factor in signability. I just thought the checkbook would open up and pay the talent because the money was saved at the MLB level and this would replenish the farm system.

This year, there is a limit to spending and I don't get to negotiate with the players. That is why I took the #2 player on my board with the #1 overall pick. I took Carlos Correa over Luc Giolito due to the fact I know he will sign for less than slot. The Astros also picked Lance McCullers, who was the top talent on my board in the supplemental round, so I took him as well. I know that the Astros will get these two signed.

After that I took targets. I like local product Mitchell Brown. Rio Ruiz slid due to an injury but is a top 2 round talent or better. I love Christian Walker and thought about taking him in the 3rd round. Then I took a couple senior signs that I know I could get signed and open up a little more cash for later picks. Then I was stumped. I didn't know what to do here. I didn't want more seniors and I have no idea which top talents were signable, so I looked at who other teams picked in this range. I love Tomas Nido's bat and I really expected Kevin Ross to go to school but they are the kinds of guys that are worth later picks here. Danny Poma is another senior I liked. Since the 10th round is only worth $125k, I took a chance on a top draft target.

After the top 10th, I loaded up on hard to sign talents and a few college and JC guys I like and see as signable. Not many though. I'm sure I won't get more than 15 guys from this draft signed. That's fine. I have a lot of talent in the system and one year like this won't hurt. I do need to look at doing it differently next season.

Round Overall Name Pos Team
1 1 Carlos Correa SS Houston Astros
1s 41 Lance McCullers P Houston Astros
2 61 Mitchell Brown P Cincinnati Reds
3 96 Rio Ruiz 3B Miami Marlins
4 129 Christian Walker 1B Minnesota Twins
5 159 Ross Stripling P New York Mets
6 189 Taylor Dugas OF New York Yankees
7 219 Tomas Nido C San Francisco Giants
8 249 Kevin Ross SS Washington Nationals
9 279 Danny Poma OF Arizona Diamondbacks
10 309 Hunter Virant P Minnesota Twins
11 339 Trey Williams 3B Toronto Blue Jays
12 369 Alex Bregman C Arizona Diamondbacks
13 399 Clate Schmidt P Texas Rangers
14 429 Rhett Wiseman OF Boston Red Sox
15 459 Dylan LaVelle SS Los Angeles Dodgers
16 489 James Kaprielian P Pittsburgh Pirates
17 519 Charles Moorman C Texas Rangers
18 549 Jharel Cotton P Cincinnati Reds
19 579 Connor Harrell OF St. Louis Cardinals
20 609 Chase Mullins P San Francisco Giants
21 639 Tyler Hollstegge P Oakland A's
22 669 Skye Bolt OF New York Mets
23 699 C.J. Hinojosa SS Baltimore Orioles
24 729 David Thompson OF Tampa Bay Rays
25 759 Creede Simpson 2B Baltimore Orioles
26 789 Mitchell Traver P Arizona Diamondbacks
27 819 Cody Poteet P Houston Astros
28 849 Brandon Lopez SS Milwaukee Brewers
29 879 Ryan Garvey OF San Diego Padres
30 909 Xavier Turner 3B Philadelphia Phillies
31 939 Eric Hanhold P St. Louis Cardinals
32 969 James Marvel P Houston Astros
33 999 Braden Bishop OF Detroit Tigers
34 1029 Sean McLaughlin OF Atlanta Braves
35 1059 Drew Jackson SS San Francisco Giants
36 1089 Dansby Swanson SS Cleveland Indians
37 1119 Kurt Schluter P Seattle Mariners
38 1149 Grayson Long P Milwaukee Brewers
39 1179 Darrell Miller C Baltimore Orioles
40 1209 Taylor Kaczmarek P Miami Marlins